Toponyms ending at -beud, -bad, -büd can be found in the entire German linguistic area and beyond. The Sorb Budysin (Bautzen), the Polish Bytom (Beuthen in Upper Silesia) and the Czech and Moravian Budovice (Budweis and Budwitz) illustrate the propagation, similar to the North German place name suffixes at -büttel (e.g. Wolfenbüttel, Isenbüttel, Hankensbüttel, etc.).

In the French-German transition zone from Botrange in the High Venn Mountains to Bethoncourt in the southern Vosges Mountains the prefixes at büd- and bed- can be frequently found in place and area names. Field names can frequently be traced back to abandoned dwellings. Place names include, among many others, Bitburg and Bettingen in the Eifel Mountains, Bettembourg/ Bettemburg and Petange/ Petingen in Luxembourg, Püttlingen in the Saarland, Puttelange/ Püttlingen near Diedenhofen, Puttelange aux Lacs/ Püttlingen and Bitche/Bitsch in Lorraine.

This list alone shows a concentration of place names and not an even distribution. In Bavaria and Baden- Würtemberg, too, such concentrated groups of place names can be proven, where also the family name of Beutler originates.

Such concentration areas are particularly in the Algäu, in Hohenlohe, along the middle and upper course of the River Neckar. The area of the Swabian Jura, except for the places called Böttingen near Ulm and near Spaichingen as well as Buttenhausen and Nitz, does not seem to be included.

The Hainricus dictus Biuteli/Biutelär mentioned already 1257/65 seems to stem from the following list of places in Upper Swabia and Algäu. Places spread from Aulendorf in the north-west to Grossholzleuten in the south-east, with centres being the districts around Ravensburg-Weingarten and Wangen-Leitkirch-Isny:

  • Beutels near Aulendorf
  • Bottenreute near Ravensburg
  • Bettenreute near Ravensburg
  • Bodnegg near Ravensburg
  • Bettenweiler near Meckenbeuren
  • Bettenweiler near Horgenzell
  • Bettmauer (Roman castellum Vemania) near Isny-Großholzleute
  • Butzenberg near Weingarten
  • Buttenmühle near Horgenzell
  • Betznau near Kreßbronn
  • Beutelsau near Wangen
  • Bietenweiler near Wangen
  • Bettlensweiler near Wangen
  • Bettelhofen near Leutkirch
  • Boden near Isny

The group of place names around Wangen-Leutkirchen-Isny is in a remarkable vicinity to the co-operatives of freemen farmers of Egolfs and on the Leutkirchen Heath. This free legal form can also be observed with the Bavarian feudal tenures of Beutel.

The Ulrici Buitiezzi mentioned around 1220 can be assigned to the relatively small group aroud Ulm with Butzental, Böttingen, Bettighofen and Beutelreusch.

Larger groups can be found in the valleys of the Rivers Kocher, Jagst and Tauber between Heilbronn and Würzburg including the mentioning of the corresponding family names. Immediately to the south a large group of places is situated along the middle course of the River Neckar and the Rivers of Zaber, Enz, Murr and Rems.

  • Botenheim near Brackenheim
  • Groß- and Kleinbottwar
  • Botnang near Stuttgart
  • Bittenfeld near Waiblingen
  • Beutelsbach near Waiblingen
  • The so-called Biet area with Erbstetten, Burgstall and Weiler zum Stein near Backnang
  • The suburb Beutau at Esslingen
  • Beutenhof and Beutenmühle near Lorch
  • Bettringen near Schwäbisch Gmünd,

On the eastern side a group of places is situated in the area of Spraitbach, Gaildorf and Rosenberg, which might have a connection to the freemen of the Waibelhube and the judicial district of the so-called Siebzehner. The group of places around Großbettlingen and Kleinbettlingen, the abandoned Bütensulz, Betzenberg near Waldenbuch and Betzingen near Reutlingen could be responsible for the emergence of the names Püttel and Püttelin at Neuffen.

A large group of places is situated along the upper course of the River Neckar including

  • Bodelshausen
  • Bietenhausen
  • Bittelbronn near Haigerloch
  • Betra near Horb
  • Bittelbronn near Horb
  • Bettenhausen
  • Betzweiler
  • Peterzell (?) near Alpirsbach

To this group also belongs the area around Herrenberg with the mill of Beutenmühle mentioned around 1326 and the area around Oberjettingen, Rotfelden and Rohrdorf.

North of Freiburg/Breisgau the family names of Buttel and Büttinen mentioned in the Tennenbacher Estate Book can be traced back to the freemen in the district of Biederbach.

Finally there is the Hegau group with Bittelbrunn near Engen, Bittelschieß near Krauchenwies, Bietingen near Gottmadingen and Bettmaringen near Stühlingen grouped around the Carolingian imperial palace of of Bodman.