In the Main Public Records Office in Stuttgart you find under Document No A310 8c an original parchment document of the Rotfeld Mayor Bartlin Beutler, who died in 1574. It was missing since the ravages of war 1945 and put in the wrong place. The document was written on January 3, 1561 and reads as follows at the beginning:

"Me, Barthlin Beyttler and with him me, Michel Keckh his daughter's husband, both residents of Rotfelden, publicly declare and make known with this letter, that we rented and received the farmstead at Rotfelden of Anna Keufflerin, widow of the deceased cousin Hennsin and citizen of Wildtberg, including house and barn (which both recently burnt down in a fire...) ..."

Thence Bartlin Beutler had a yet unknown daughter married to Michel Keck. However, Michel Keck was later never mentioned again at Rotfelden, nor a widow Keck, so both either died in early life or moved away. 1565 Bartlin Beutler and his son Hans Beutler ran the farmstead. This farm is not the former parish farmstead at Rotfelden, which Bartlin Beutler inherited from his ancestors, but a much smaller farm they rented from the widow of cousin Hensin. In the document they commit themselves to reconstruct the farm.

Here you find a diagram (109 Kbyte) illustrating the situation of 1561.

List of the Possessions of Bartlin Beutler

Bartlin Beutler (former mayor) and Veyt Heinricher have a tenure formerly owned by Peter Widenmayer and Conrad Widenmayer.

Houses and Gardens:

  • One house, coop, barn and garden owned by Bartlin Beutler
  • One house, barn and garden owned by Veyt Heinrich.
  • One Morgen of garden at th Wildberger Weg,
  • A quarter garden in Alber and
  • One and half Tagwerk there.

Fields (total ca. 47 hectares)

  • 6 Jauchert in Ottenbühel
  • 1 Jauchert field and garden there
  • 2 Morgen at Wildberger Wald
  • 3 Jauchert at Brandt
  • 2 Jauchert at Egerten
  • 10 Jauchert
  • 6at Tal
  • ½ Jauchert at Gertenfeld
  • 6 Jauchert at Siegen
  • 10 Jauchert at Ösch
  • 2 Jauchert at Atensteiger Weg
  • 8 Jauchert at Berg
  • 8 Jauchert at Auf den Haiden
  • ¼ hemp field Im Tennich
  • 6 Jauchert at Am Steig
  • 5 Jauchert at Am Reutacker
  • 6 Jauchert at Im Tal
  • 1 Jauchert in Brandt
  • 16 Jauchert fields at Goldberg
  • 3 Jauchert at Wegrain
  • 6 Jauchert at Neuhausen
  • 4 Jauchert at Frauenbaum
  • 2 Jauchert at Ebhauser Weg
  • 8 Jauchert adjacent at Hetzelsberg, Rat and Schurkenbaum
  • 6 Jauchert adjacent at Baumgarten
  • 4 Jauchert at Teich
  • 1 Jauchert at Häuslinsacker
  • 3 Jauchert at Lewer
  • 3 Jauchert at Oben am Lewer
  • 6 Jauchert partly overgrown with trees
  • 3 Jauchert at Im Luß
  • 1 Jauchert at Im Emthal
  • 1 Jauchert there too

Meadows (total ca. 5 hectares)

  • 2 Mannsmad at In der Riethwiese
  • 1 Mannsmad called Müllers Wiese on the ground of Pfrondorf
  • 3 Mannsmad at Im Thal
  • 6 Tagwerk at Wiesen zu Loch am Schwarzenbach
  • 4 Tagwerk called Die Schefferin
  • ½ Tagwerk at In der Riethwiesen
  • ½ Tagwerk called Kimmichwißlin
  • 1 Mannsmad at Im Gertenfeld

Forests (total ca. 11.5 hactares)

  • 8 Jauchert forest at Vornen im Tännich
  • 6 Jauchert forest at Bei der neuen Wiesen
  • 6 Jauchert forest at Im Goldberg
  • 8 Jauchert forest at Wellhauser Weg
  • 2 Jauchert forest at Im Gertenfeld
  • 4 Jauchert forest Im Siegen
  • ¼ of 2 Jauchert forest Im Siegen

The list follows a description in the storage book of the secular administration at Altensteig dated 1565. The individual pieces of land are described in detail including all neighbours.
(HSTAS, H127, Baden 21, fol. 232-237)



Originally an agricultural measure of land corresponding to an area that can cultivated with one yoke team of oxen. About 0.337 hectares.


Also called Mannsmad, corresponds to an area that one man can mow on one day. About 0.505 hectares.


Old measure of land. About 0.5 hectares.