Both coats of arm originate from the "Fromann´sche Wappensammlung" in the manuscript department of the Public Library of the Land of Württemberg.

It is assumed that both coats of arm can be allocated to the Rotfelden Beutlers. The Lion on the Dreiberg is the coat of Calw, used frequently as timbre by the surrounding noblemen of Rotfelden.

In Rotfelden (formerly Ratfelde) lived a family that also bore a coat of arms according to Alberti, but which is not known. The coat of arms without pretzel is also contained in Siebmacher's book. Because of the frequency of bakeries etc. in the line of descendants the coat with pretzel is probably the first one, but there is no conclusive evidence.

The Beutler family from the Bernese Oberland (Switzerland) bear a different coat of arms.